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Vladimir Ageyev   (E-mail)
(27/03/2013 08:08:00)

Interesting, we must be related my last name is Ageyev and as far as i can trace back my ansestry from my father and his father they were from Kursk Oblast and Oryol Oblast and both of those are right next door to Smolensk Oblast. My grandfathers father had many brothers as did my grandfather. My grandfather moved to ukraine and later my father moved to the United States we must be related Ageyev is not a common name

Theresa   (E-mail)
(30/05/2011 14:20:00)

What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for potsing!

relative   (E-mail)
(07/01/2011 19:48:00)

Спасибо за интересный сайт о нашей большой семье!

Alex Soley   (E-mail)
(23/11/2010 17:49:00)

Шалом всем Агеевым.
Барух Ашем.

Alexander Aurovsky   (E-mail)
(22/11/2010 06:40:00)

Great family, wonderful site.

Mikhail Zolotukhin   (E-mail)
(26/06/2010 15:03:00)

My grandfather and grandmather was "subbotniks"- grandfather from village Kliopovka of Voronegskaya oblast, granmather from village Mihaylovskaya Krasnodarskiy region. I am Russian, but meny years I was leader of Jews. ofour

Ariel, Haifa   (E-mail)
(04/10/2007 14:48:00)

I'm Jew from Russian (Ashkenazi) origin. When I met "subbotniks" in Israel among with new immigrants from Russia it was a shock for me, because those people who look like Russians in villages and they completely different from other Russian Jews who mostly came from big cities and with high education. Very interesting point that "subbotniks" more religious people than most of Russian Jews. I really appreciate them, because they had suffered a lot because of their faith even more than my parents who were born as Jews in Russia.

Elena Ruhmanova   (E-mail)
(04/06/2006 21:03:00)

What a wonderful site. My ansestors come from Shumyachi as well. So, I see that friendly people have been living there, and I feel quite sure it is possible to find the support of my research at that place.
Thank you again for the heart touching job.

Fire   (E-mail)
(16/04/2006 08:23:00)

Just stopped by to see what you have going on here. Nice site. May God continue to bless you and your ministry as He has blessed us by putting you among us!

Ivan   (E-mail)
(04/04/2006 01:22:00)

Hi, very nice site! Great job!

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