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The Origin of our Ageyev family

 We are able to trace the origin of our anscestors to Western Russia on the border between Russia and Belarus. The specific region, at the time when Rodion ( Elisha ) Ageyev and his wife Yekaterina ( Rivka ) Illin were born, used to be part of Belarus Климовичский р-н, Могилевская обл., БССР ). Rodion was born in a village called Kosachyovka ( Косачевка ) while Yekaterina was born in a nearby village called Kostyukovka ( Костюковка ). Both villages belonged at that time to the district of Mogilev. Now, more than 120 years later, as a result of politcal developments, these two villages are located in Russia in the district of Smolensk not far from the city of Roslavl. See following an old travle document which was issued to Rodion by the church of Zagustino in 1918. The document specifies the names, place of birth and dates of birth of the members of Rodion's family in that time.


           Translation of the travle certificate:

A certificate 
This copy with the signature of the honorable church is issued in order to certify that according to the book of record regarding the birth of citizens, under the church of the village ZEHOSTINSK ( zagustino ), the region of KLIMOVICHI , in the district of MOHILOV that: RODYON the son of the Christian TROFIM NIKITIN AGEYEV from KOSACHYOVKA was born on November 9 1884 and was registered in the citizens book as number 31. His wife YEKATERINA PETROVNA was born on November 7, 1886 and is registered as number 48. Their sons : ANATOLY was born on November 13, 1914 and was registered as number 52. VIKTOR was born on April 3, 1917 and is registered as number 6. This certificate is issued to RODYON AGEYEV in regards of his leaving his living place to another location. Signed by ZEHUSTINSK Church, The priesthood of MOHILOV district KLIMOVICH region February 8, 1918 ( certificate number 20 ).

Kosachyovka & Kostyukovka 
Kosachyovka and Kostyukovka are two tini villages located about 100 killometers south of Smolensk, in western Russia, near the border of Russia and Belarus. Neigboring villages are Zagustino (in which was the church, where all our ancestors were baptized ) and Petrovichi which was the commercial center, where the nearest post office was. In Kosachyovka, in the end of 19-th century, lived just 254 men and 240 women . During the 20th century the border of Belarus-Russia moved several times. In the past, when our parents were born, the area was under the administration of Belorus, Mogilov oblasti, Klimovichi raion. Presently, both Kosachyovka and Kostyukovka are deserted and only a few empty houses are left. The village Zagustino is inhabited but the church was destroyed in the times of the Natzi accupation of WW2. The village Petrovichi is also inhabited, it is famous as the birth place of one of the greatest science fiction author Isaac Asimov .

The geographic location of Kosachyovka and Kostyukovka
 After a long research, using the old travel document which was issued by the church of Zagustino ( see the travel document abov ), and getting help from a Belarussian Family Tree research organization, we have found the location of Kosachyovka . The big surprise of the new founding is that Kosachevka is now located in Russia and not in Belarus. Originaly it belonged to The district of Mogilev, region of Klimovitchi in Belaruss. But as a result of borders adjustments, Kosachyovka is now a small village in Russia, in the district of Smolensk, the region of Roslavl about 100 killometers south of Smolensk. The village of Zagustino, where the family members were baptized and registered, was also located a few killometers east of Kosachyovka ( see the GSM map below ).
The geographic location of Kosachyovka is:  Latitude: 530  56’ 52” N , Longtitude:  320  10’ 30”  E ,  Altitude: 201 meters

The geographic location of Kostyukovka is:  Latitude: 530  55' 32” N , Longtitude:  320  10’ 5”  Altitude: 187 meters

See map of the southern part of Smolensk District. The location of Kosachevka is marked within a circle in the area of Roslavl :


Following is a very detailed map of the area of  Kosachyovka showing all the neighboring villages. Kostjukovka, where Yekaterina Illin ( Rivka ) was born and raised, is located about 2 killometers to the south. And Zagustino is about 2 killometers to the south-east. The map is part of a GSM ( cellular telephone ) reception map of the area.


                             Here is a recent satellite image of the are of Kosachevka :


Neighboring villages to Kosachyovka

Heading Distance Name
14.5° 1.2 nm Stakhovshchina
21.1° 1.1 nm Pogulyayevka
121.0° 1.5 nm Zagustino
175.6° 2.0 nm Shtab Zagustino
198.4° 3.1 nm Sokolyanka
247.1° 2.2 nm Bol'shaya Buda
273.7° 2.1 nm Selyuty
339.8° 1.9 nm Petrovichi

Ageyevs back in Kosachyovka - August 2003
The village was found abandoned
(L-R) Vladimir Semionovich Ageyev, Mimi Guy, Katya Ageyeva, Ilan Guy Ageyev


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