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The Unusual Fate of Two Sisters - Yad Vashem site. The story of the rescue of Lev Gurevich by the Ivanov family
in Kosachevka in the time of Nazi accupation.
Необычная судьба двух сестёр

Memorial to Igal Ageyev - An Official Israeli Government memorial page for our beloved Igal Ageyev, the son of  Moshe and Lili. Igal was killed in action in the battle of the "Chineese Farm", on the banks of The Suez Canal, on October 15 1973 ( Yom Kipur War ). He was only 21 years old.....

דף זכרון על יגאל אגייב באתר חטיבה 14

Palmach archive - ארכיון הפלמח - The official archive of the "Palmach" the Israeli special defense units which preceded the Israel Defense Army. Three of the Ageyev sons served in The Palmach ( Yaakov, Moshe and Mordechi ), their life stories are given in that link. 

Ageyev family tree on the web - Link to   GenoPro site to view a comprehensive family tree of "The Ageyevs from Kosachevka" 

Агеевых из Косачевке -  русской версии семейного древа  Агеевых на Интернете

Тринадцатое Колено -  статья об истории семьи Агеевых в Московском журнале "Лехаим".

Video of The Ageyeves, Tel Aviv 1968 - Video of the Ageyevs gathered on the occasion of Ilan's visit from USA with Mimi and Oren.

В поисках своих корней -

Тольятти 2006-

סיור משפחת אגייב במשלטי שער הגיא

מרדכי אגייב בטקס הקדשת יער על שם נחום (זוזיק) הזז

משפחת אגייב בפלמחים 
ליל הסדר 1988 אצל מימי ומרדכי אגייב



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