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The forties and fifties ( 1940-1950)
Ilan 1943
Ruthi and grandfather
Ruthi with grandfather Rodion and uncle Moshe the soldier
With the second grandchild Ruthi, the first daughter of Tuvia and Tzipora
Bat Sheva, Shlomo, Dalia and Ilan 1944
Elisha ( Rodion ) with Max ( Mordechai ) and Moshe the two Palmach fighters 1949
Yakov - sea man, comando fighter, marine instructor
The proud grandmother Katya and aunt Dora with one year old Ilan
Rodion (Elisha) Ilan and Max (Mordechai) 1941
Max and Ilan in Rotchild Aveneus 1941
1941- The grandfather and the uncle Max with the one year old Ilan
May 1940 Ilan, the first grandchild is born to Shlomo (Viktor) and Bat-Sheva
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