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Wedings in the Family
Photos from weddings of family members.

Rodion (Elisha) Trofimovich Ageyev and Ekaterina (Rivka) Petrovna Illina at their wedding
Moshe Ageyev and Lili Toker at their wedding
Yakov Ageyev and Hana Herman at their wedding 20.08.1946
In the wedding of Yaakov Ageyev and Chana Herman  20.8.1946
Shlomo (Viktor) Ageyev and Sheli Leibovich at their wedding
Mordechai (Max) Ageyev and Mimi Davidovichi at their wedding
In the wedding of Mordechai (Max) Ageyev and Mimi Davidovitch
Ilan Ageyev (Guy) and Mimi (Miriam) Haviv at their wedding 08.03.1964
Wedding of Ilan Ageyev and Mimi Haviv 8.3.1964
Dani Ageyev and Lea Geda with grandparents ageyev at their wedding
Wedding of Lea Ageyev and Reuben Levi
wedding of Ron Ageyev and Shilona


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